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The Development Centre

If your application is shortlisted, you will be invited to a Development Centre. This is a competitive process where you are measured against a benchmark score. Not everyone who attends the Development Centre will be successful in scoring enough points to be accepted onto the programme, so please read this section carefully before you make the decision to apply. By applying, you agree to accept the terms of the Development Centre.

Terms of the Development Centre

  • The Development centre assesses performance and gives scores for each element.
  • Interviews and presentations are scored based on evidence provided, using the organisation’s selection process (the same as for any job interview).
  • West Sussex and Hampshire County Council Staff will be assessed consistently.
  • The assessment is based on a consistent scoring process that is applied equally to all applicants.
  • If an applicant does not gain the required score, their application will not be successful.
  • Applicants agree to accept the outcome of the Development Centre.
  • The Development Centre team are fully committed to valuing all applicants. No ‘tricks’ are used and it will be clear what applicants need to do at all times. Feedback is designed to help applicants develop.

What if I’m unsuccessful?

  • You will be notified by an emailed letter if you are unsuccessful.
  • If you are unsuccessful, this will usually be because you did not give enough evidence to achieve higher scores. It does not mean you are not a good performer. Just by being invited to the Development Centre, you have shown that you are a valuable member of your department and you will be valued accordingly.
  • You will be given a one to one feedback session with written feedback.
  • The feedback session and the written feedback are designed to help you develop in future.

What if I’m successful?

  • You will be notified by an emailed letter if you are successful and you will start on the Hampshire Own Grown Programme.
  • You will also be sent written feedback.

Please ensure you are available for the programme dates outlined on the Key dates & time commitments page.

Elements of the Development Centre

  1. An individual, formal interview (worth 75% of total score)
  2. A presentation as part of the interview (worth 25% of total score.