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Approach to learning

The programme requires learners to take responsibility for their own development, in a supportive and challenging environment.

The programme is based on the following principles, drawn from research and our experience:

  1. The best way to embed learning is to apply it.
  2. Learning requires openness – sometimes you will need to consider the part you are playing in a problematic situation.
  3. Learning is a process, not a product. You cannot sit passively in a module and expect to receive chunks of learning. It is a process you have to go through by taking responsibility, trying to implement, and recognising it takes time and effort to do things differently.
  4. Everyone learns in different ways; improving your ability to learn from different situations is a valuable skill to develop.
  5. Learning is generated through interaction with others. You need to participate in the programme and be open to the views of others.
  6. Learning moves us from the familiar and comfortable to trying something new – it won’t always feel 'easy' or comfortable – but we will provide a 'safe' environment for you to try things out.
  7. There is no 'magic wand' – it won’t work unless you do.

Applying learning- meetings with Line Manager

To ensure learning is applied at work, support from your line manager will be a crucial element of the programme, in order to:

  • translate learning into performance by applying it at work
  • discuss learning, areas for development and actions with your line manager
  • gain support to implement skills, behaviours and new initiatives
  • gain feedback on your performance.

The programme requires a minimum of 5 review sessions between participants and line managers, one after each programme module.

These sessions may involve discussion, feedback, or coaching.

These sessions are the most effective way to ensure that the learning actually impacts when ‘taken back to the day job’. They do not have to be complex or long.

It is then the responsibility of the programme participants to agree times of sessions with their line manager, and the responsibility of line managers to deliver the sessions.


You will receive a review session after module 2 and at the end of the programme with the Hampshire Learning Centre module facilitator or an external coach, who will review your progress with you in line with your agreed objectives, and discuss any concerns or questions you have about your learning.

By the end of the session, you will have:

  • reflected on your progress in relation to your programme objectives
  • identified what you have learned and how you have applied the learning
  • identified next steps.


Participants will be offered a short session to give an overview of what mentoring is and how it can assist you with your development and career progression. This session is optional.

Participants on the HOG programme will be encouraged to decide if they would like a mentor and where that mentor should come from, either within their function or outside. They will be provided with guidelines on best practice. The responsibility to find and 'contract' with a mentor rests with the learner.

Project groups

Groups will be assigned a real organisational project and will be expected to work for between 10 and 12 days on this project, reporting to the project manager and other senior stakeholders. A report and presentation to demonstrate project outcomes and learning will be required. Project arrangements subject to change.

Chartered Management Institute (CMI) qualification

Accredited learning provides the opportunity to evidence the practical application of the knowledge, skills and behaviours through formal assessment.

It recognises that management is a profession in its own right.

In order to complete the Hampshire Own Grown Programme, every participant will be required to pass the CMI Management and Leadership Award.

Requirements: Participants are required to submit an assignment of 3200 words, covering 3/4 questions.

This leads to:

  • Future Leaders – CMI Level 7 Award – Introduction to Strategic Leadership Practice.
  • Aspiring Leaders – CMI Level 5 Award – Introduction to Leadership Practice.

We estimate that it will take about 2 days to complete the qualification, although some may choose to spend longer.

Note, qualifications are under review and may be replaced by other CMI qualifications.