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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to the programme if I work part time?

  • Yes, please note that the course is programmed for set days well in advance (see the Key dates & time commitments section of this site), in order to give you enough notice to arrange to flex which days of the week you work with your line manager.

I’m not sure of my grade?

  • Please check with your manager or your departmental learning and development coordinator.

Do you have to be a manager to apply for the programme?

  • No, it is designed to prepare you for future management and leadership roles. An ability to demonstrate leadership at whatever level you work is required. However applicants may currently manage projects, people or resources, or have done so in the past.

Do you have to have a degree / be a graduate to apply for the programme?

  • No, not at all.

How much time will the programme take?

  • Please see the Key dates & time commitments section of this site. The timetabled elements of the programme total a maximum of 14 days. In addition, groups and individuals must manage how much time they spend on their project report and presentation, and how much time they spend on their CMI assignments. You should expect to spend between 10-12 days in total working on projects (More details on project requirements will be released at or prior to Induction).
  • This will vary, some past participants report that they have to spend some of their own time writing their CMI assignments (e.g. evenings, weekends), and that the project work can be very time consuming, particularly closer to the report and presentation deadlines. In total the programme will require a time commitment of up to 26 days.

I am on holiday for the Development Centre dates - can I still apply?

I work at G grade (HCC only) and I’m not sure if I should apply for Aspiring or Future Leaders?

  • This will require careful reading of the application form and the information on this website. G grade staff will usually form part of the Aspiring Leaders group, but can specify on their application forms where they wish to be considered for the Future Leaders group. The Future Leaders’ programme is aimed at those who report into Departmental Management Teams (DMTs), and whose next role is likely to be at DMT level. There is no difference between the groups in terms of ability, performance or potential. The modules are run separately because challenges and application of learning are different, depending on the context of work and the level of experience. We do not wish to develop staff in areas where they cannot immediately apply some of their learning, so would expect those in G grade roles who wish to apply for the Future Leader programme to be able to demonstrate that they will be working at the appropriate level or have significant experience. (e.g. varied or longstanding experience, previous experience, large projects, complex projects, political exposure, increased responsibilities due to restructure). Applications must be fully supported by the line manager. For an informal discussion, please contact vickie.birnie@hants.gov.uk.

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