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Key dates & time commitments

Note that the total time commitment required from participants is approx. 26 days (up to 14 days are programmed in and the rest will vary, depending on how long you use to complete CMI and project work). Please ensure you are available for the programme dates outlined on this page before applying for the programme. You are expected to attend all elements, as they represent a considerable investment by your sponsoring organisation.

Expected involvement - individuals


Involvement in detail:

  • compulsory attendance at all of the modules (8 days in total)
  • ½ day for project presentation
  • ½ day for End Review/ Meet the Leader session
  • 1 day induction event
  • 1 hour Verax 360 briefing
  • total of ½ day individual coaching
  • from 1.5 to 4 hours  for each of the additional workshops and briefings, for example presentation skills, project management
  • 1 hour of coaching following/prior to each module (to be agreed by manager and individual- total 4 hours)
  • group project work (between 10 and 12 days expected in total - this is subject to change)
  • CMI Accreditation runs along side the programme, the evidence required is a 3200 word assignment- allow up to 2 days to complete.

Expected involvement - line managers

Line managers of participants are also expected to be involved in the programme, to support, coach and help apply learning from the programme back in the workplace. They have a key role in evaluating the success of the programme in terms of changed behaviour and improvements to service delivery. Managers will be involved in the following:

Passing the Baton
  • setting programme objectives with the individual and reviewing again at the end of the programme, following up with action planning
  • attending a session during the induction day so they are briefed on both the programme and their role within it
  • coaching member of staff during programme as required (as agreed by manager and individual, at least after each module).

If one of your members of staff is awarded a place on the Hampshire Own Grown programme, your support in helping them transfer their learning from modules on the programme, back into the workplace is going to be essential.

We would like you to meet with your staff member after each module and coach them on how they might achieve a personal objective arising from that module. This could be done as part of your routine one to ones, work updates or supervision sessions; it does not need to be a separate meeting. Coaching, as a means of developing staff, is recognised as a key management and leadership behaviour.

Important dates


Applications – 7- 28 April 2014

This is the window of opportunity to submit nominations for either the Aspiring Leaders or Future Leaders programmes. Forms should be filled in electronically via the Hampshire Own Grown website. There is more information about the nomination process in the 'How to apply' section.

The Development Centre

If your nomination is shortlisted by your department nomination panel, you will be invited to attend the HOG Development Centre for assessment, which will consist of an interview and a presentation on one of the dates below.

Hampshire Own Grown group discussion

Hampshire County Council applicants

  • 2 - 13 June 2014.

West Sussex County Council applicants

  • The Development Centre will take place between 16-18 and 23,24,27 June 2014.

Participants will be notified of the outcome of the Development Centre.

Dates for the programme

Hampshire Own Grown Programme Dates 2014 - (Subject to change)


Date. Workshop dates may change (module date changes unlikely)

Venue/ Room (subject to change)

Development Centre invites sent out (if you have been selected by your department/organisation)

16 May 2014 (HCC staff), 23 May 2014 (WSCC staff)

HR Meeting Room,

St Clement Room

Development Centre assessment

2 -26 June 2014

Verax 360 surveys sent out

4 July 2014

Feedback to unsuccessful candidates

7 - 18 July 2014

Regency House - 45 mins individual session offered

Verax 360 completion deadline

1 August 2014

Verax feedback sessions

11 August - 19th September 2014

Regency House - 60 mins individual session


8 Octoberr 2014 - all day

Performance Hall, Winchester Discovery Centre, Winchester

Project allocation


Intro to project management workshop

15 October 2014 - 09.30 to 12.30

Havant Plaza, Havant

Module 1 (1 day)

24 October 2014 - 09.00 to 16.30

Havant Plaza, Havant

Module 2 (2 days)

18 - 19 November 2014

Middlebrook Centre, Winchester

Mid programme coaching

20 November - 5 December 2014

Ash Room, EII Court, Winchester

Module 3 (2 days)

10 - 11 December 2014

Havant Plaza, Havant

Mentoring and coaching workshop

1.5 hours on 7 January 2015 time tbc

Mitchell Room, EII Court, Winchester

Module 4 (1 day)

28 January 2015

Edes House, County Hall, Chichester

Digital leadership workshop

11 February 2015 duration and time tbc

Ashburton Hall, EII Court, Winchester

Finance Workshop

18 February 2015

Ashburton Hall, EII Court, Winchester

Module 5 (2 days)

25 -26 February 2015

County Hall, North Building, Horsham

Presentation skills workshop

11 March 2015 - 09.30 to 13.00

Ashburton Hall, EII Court, Winchester

Project presentations

16 -27 March 2015

Denning Room, EII Court, Winchester

End programme coaching

23 March - 31 March 2015


CMI assignment deadline

1 April 2015

Final review session

1April 2015 ½ day time tbc

Ashburton Hall, EII Court, Winchester