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Update on works at Winchester Hill, Romsey

Thursday 1 August 2013

The Abbotswood Consortium is due to complete the majority of the works at Winchester Hill by Friday 2 August. This will allow Hampshire County Council to open the junction to traffic and switch on permanent traffic lights that will provide better traffic flow through the junction and allow the new pedestrian crossings to be used.

Councillor Seán Woodward, Executive Member for Economy Transport and Environment at Hampshire County Council, said: "The continuing disruption to road users and inconvenience to residents has been completely unsatisfactory. Our priority has been to get the developer to finish the works as quickly as possible, enabling the removal of the temporary traffic management.

"Although not quite complete, the road works are at a stage where we will be able to re-open the junction apart from the first 30m of the left turn lane into Cupernham Lane. The lane for traffic going straight on into Romsey will not be obstructed. This is not ideal, but should offer a significant improvement for both road users and residents.

"Our engineers have been on site working closely with the developer to try to speed up the remaining works. Despite this, one part remains outstanding. We will continue to do everything we can to expedite the remaining works so that the impact on residents and motorists can be brought to an end."

The remaining works relate to the cover slab for the large drainage chamber, which has had to be built in the eastbound carriageway and needs to be treated with a waterproofing system before the road surface can be constructed over it. The County Council has received no proposals for this from the developer and is pushing them to provide these so that this aspect of the works can progress. The work will need to be carried out by specialist contractors and this could mean a delay due to the lead in time of around two weeks generally required. Once the waterproofing is complete, there will be approximately three days work to complete the reinstatement, the road surfacing and the white lining.

The junction works are necessary as part of the Abbottswood Major Development Area (MDA) planning conditions and are being funded and implemented by the Abbottswood Consortium under licence from Hampshire County Council.

The scheme is part of a package of measures designed to manage the impact of additional traffic from the Abbottswood development which should benefit all road users in Romsey by helping to maintain the flow of traffic through the area.

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