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Hampshire County Council election result announced

Friday, 3 May 2013

The votes for the County Council election on 2 May were counted overnight and the Conservative party has retained overall control of Hampshire County Council.

Of the 78 seats on the County Council, the Conservative party has won 45 seats, the Liberal Democrats 17, UKIP ten, Labour four, Independent one and Community Campaign (Hart) one.

This compares with the results of the 2009 elections, when the political make up of the County Council was 51 Conservatives, 24 Liberal Democrats, one Labour, one Community Campaign (Hart) and one Green Party.

The turnout for the County Council 2013 elections was 31 per cent of the electorate.

Andrew Smith, County Returning Officer and Hampshire County Council Chief Executive confirmed the next steps for the County Council: "The majority party will now meet to consider its key appointments. The Full Council meeting on 23 May, will appoint the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Leader of the County Council. The newly elected Leader will make appointments to the Cabinet ahead of its first meeting on 24 June.

"The County Council could have at least four political groups and I look forward to working with all of Hampshire County Council's Members to ensure that the Council maintains quality public services to the residents of Hampshire and continues to transform the Authority into a modern, efficient and innovative organisation, fit for many years to come.

"The County Council elections have run very smoothly and I would like to thank all of the staff in the districts, boroughs and the County Council, for their contribution in the process."

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