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Mapping travel patterns in North Hampshire and West Surrey

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

From 4 June residents and visitors in North Hampshire and West Surrey are to be asked for their help in generating up-to-date, accurate information about their travel movements.

Hampshire County Council is collecting this information in order to map current travel patterns for the area, gauge traffic volumes and to develop a clear picture of future transport needs, which in turn will help support bids for funding for transport improvements.

During June, July and September the County Council will be undertaking traffic counts across the area. In June and July the County Council will be surveying users of bus and rail services at stations and busy bus stops about their journeys.

Also during June, July and September, interview surveys, taking no more than two minutes each, will take place at around 40 road side sites in the Basingstoke and Blackwater Valley areas, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Motorists will be asked to give on-the-spot information about the journey they are making at that time, for example, are they travelling to work, where and where from?

At busy sites however, to help keep traffic flowing and keep delays to an absolute minimum, pre-paid postcards will be handed out for people to fill in and return by post.

Hampshire County Council's Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment, Councillor Seán Woodward said: "Accurate information is vital as we continue to develop our travel and transport plans for the north of the county and neighbouring areas. It is an important element of the evidence that we need to provide in any bid to secure funding from the Government for future transport capacity improvements. I hope people will understand the importance of these surveys, and where they are given a postcard, take just a few minutes to fill it in and put it in the post. We will be grateful for their co-operation to this end and would like to apologise, in advance, for any inconvenience caused by this vital work.

"The data collected as part of this programme will be used to help inform decisions about which large transport improvements in the north Hampshire area are taken forward to bid for a share of funding from Government. Such bids for funding for large transport schemes require up to date survey information to be provided if they are to stand a reasonable chance of being funded."

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