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Leading the charge for low emission vehicles

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Hampshire County Council has successfully secured £315,000 from the Government to install a network of rapid electric vehicle chargepoints.

The funding, from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles, will create a network of 12 rapid charge points in key locations across the region with six in Hampshire. Rapid chargepoints are the fastest available and can sufficiently charge a vehicle for an onward journey in twenty to thirty minutes.

The six chargepoints in Hampshire will be located as follows:

  • Little Chef - Sutton Scotney - A34 Northbound
  • Little Chef - Sutton Scotney - A34 Southbound
  • Little Chef- Popham - A303
  • Little Chef - Barton Stacey - A303
  • Petersfield Central Car Park - Petersfield - Close to A3
  • The Furlong - Ringwood - Close to A31

The remaining six will be within the boundaries of Wiltshire County Council, Oxfordshire County Council and the Isle of Wight Council, who alongside SSE were partners in the bid.

The chargepoints will be fitted with two different types of connector, and will use a 'pay as you go' system for which no registration is required, creating open access to all electric vehicle users.

Councillor Seán Woodward, Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment said: "The County Council wants to make a significant contribution to cutting carbon emissions in Hampshire alongside developing transport infrastructure to meet future demands. Helping encourage greater use of electric vehicles is one way we can achieve this.

"One of the barriers to people buying electric vehicles is easy access to quick and universal charging points. This new network of rapid charge points will be a good starting point in breaking this barrier down."

Councillor Mel Kendal, Executive Member for Income and Capital Resources who has been working with the Association of European Regions on harmonisation of electric vehicle infrastructure, said: "More recent technological developments have given us the confidence that installing chargepoints is a sensible long-term investment as there is now a Europe wide standard plug connection for charging electric vehicles. At the same time, there are now payment systems that can be used that do not require prior registration to a particular club or scheme: so people can simply use their chip and pin debit or credit card or contactless payment method to pay for the electricity they need to charge their vehicle."

The Government set aside £37 million to offset the cost of installing infrastructure for recharging electric vehicles as part of its plan to support ultra low emission vehicles. The funding received is to cover 75% of the costs of purchasing and installing the electric vehicle charge points.

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