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Get the whole family back to school with Smart Restart

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Hampshire's leading health councillor, Liz Fairhurst, is urging families in Hampshire to make the most of the fresh start to the new school year by signing up to the Change4Life 'Smart Restart' when the kids go back to the classroom. Families are being encouraged to take on one change for the better, for six weeks - to help them lead healthier lifestyles.

"By the end of summer we can all tend to slack off a bit and it's easy to let good intentions slide. But the new school year is the perfect time for a new beginning and for the whole family to get fit and healthy together," said Councillor Fairhurst, who is Executive Member for Health and Wellbeing at Hampshire County Council. "This is a great opportunity for families to sign up for their FREE Smart Restart campaign and pick one healthy change for them to adopt when they go back to school."

Keeping active and eating well are crucial for adults and children to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and are important in helping children's bodies and brains develop. It will boost their concentration at school, helping them make this the best start to a new school year yet.

Change4Life has created five changes to be followed for six weeks, which encourage healthier eating and moving more such as making healthier lunches, swapping to healthier snacks and keeping a limit on screen time. Families are encouraged to choose just one of these small changes when they return for the new school year. Once signed up, families will receive support from Change4Life via email and text messages for six weeks from the start of term, as well as details of special offers, competitions and virtual rewards for the kids.

The five Smart Restart changes families can choose from are:

  • Stretch your legs - encouraging families to swap car or bus journeys for walking, scooting or cycling
  • 10-minute moves - incorporating fun ten minute activities into lives to help build to the goal of at least 60 active minutes a day
  • Screen-time switch - encouraging limiting screen time and swapping time in front of the TV, tablet or computer for something active
  • Beat the treats - encouraging families to swap unhealthy treats for healthy alternatives
  • Super lunches - help keep children going through the school day with ideas for quick and tasty lunches

Just search Change4Life online to sign up for the six week back to school programme, you'll be able to download the FREE Smart Restart app, and receive loads of tips and tools to help you and your family make this one small change become a healthy habit.

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