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Decision on Burley Road Pinch Points

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The results of a trial of measures to reduce animal accidents in Burley Road, Brockenhurst have been considered by the Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment, Cllr Seán Woodward, and the traffic calming scheme is to be amended.

Nine pinch points were installed along Burley Road in September 2010 on a trial basis with the aim of reducing traffic speeds and improving safety for commoners' animals.

The pinch points have received a mixed response from the local community and the Council has sought to address the key issues in its decision to amend the traffic calming scheme and conduct a further two year trial.

The most common issue raised was the absence of signs to indicate which direction of traffic has priority - although this is a key feature of pinch points as the uncertainty is intended to encourage drivers to be more cautious and drive more slowly. The Council has agreed to provide priority signs, which are mounted relatively low, in order to reduce the visual impact on the landscape. Another common request was for the speed limit to be reduced and the proposal is to promote a reduction to 30mph along a section of Burley Road. There have also been calls for specific pinch points to be removed. The first pinch point out of Brockenhurst is to be removed due to concerns that localised flooding is resulting in some erosion of the verge due to waiting vehicles and causing pedestrians to walk in the road. The second pinch point out of Brockenhurst is also to be taken out as speeds at this point of the road are already well below 40mph. Concerns have been raised about the last pinch point due to its proximity to the brow of a hill and therefore this is also going to be removed.

The parish council suggested that horse warning road markings be put in and the County Council is to investigate this further.

Alongside the feedback from residents and local groups the Executive Member, Cllr Seán Woodward, took into account the most up to date speed and accident data recorded along Burley Road when making his decision.

Accident data has shown that since the Pinch Points were installed there has been a reduction in the overall number of accidents involving animals, and animal deaths have fallen slightly. Human injury accidents have also reduced slightly and vehicle speeds have reduced throughout the length of the traffic calmed area. Cllr Woodward, said: "I have carefully weighed up the feedback we have received and the accident and speed data in order to evaluate whether the traffic calming scheme is meeting its objectives of reducing speeds and animal injury accidents. When making my decision I also had to ensure that we choose a cost effective solution. I believe that there is a case for retaining the traffic calming scheme but with variations to the layout. The scheme will be kept under review for a further two years so we can fully evaluate the impact of the amended traffic calming."

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