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New Hampshire Partnership working together for residents

Thursday, 03 October 2013

The leaders and chairmen of Hampshire's councils, together with leading representatives of Police, Fire, NHS, voluntary and community sector and businesses as well as the armed services based in Hampshire met yesterday (2 October) to drive forward a new agenda for partnership working for Hampshire residents.

The Hampshire Partnership, which will now take on the role previously discharged by the Hampshire Senate, agreed ways to work together in future at a time when financial constraints on the public purse look set to continue for a long time to come.

It wants to build on the success of joint working to date that has led to better outcomes at lower costs for residents across Hampshire. These include public services sharing buildings in one-stop shops, work with the NHS to deliver joined up health and social care services, the Supporting Troubled Families programme and the work on projects such as Insulate Hampshire, the Broadband partnership and rural housing. New areas identified for future joint working today include land allocations, school places planning and caring for an ageing population.

The Chairman, Councillor Roy Perry, Leader of Hampshire County Council, said: "We all know that the problems we face are not getting easier, given that the budget constraints will be with us for the foreseeable future. We all agreed that partnership working is the key to doing things better. Working together, whether we are in the public, private or voluntary sectors on the things that make a real difference to Hampshire people means we can help to deal in a more effective way with some of these problems. The Senate has real successes to point to, and I acknowledge the initiative of my predecessor Ken Thornber in bringing the Senate together in the first place. I will feel a bit easier not being portrayed as a Roman Senator or even an American Senator but am happy to be portrayed as a firm believer in partnership working."

"As a former borough council leader I recognise some issues are better handled at a district level and there's no greater advocate of two-tier working than me. There are however some things that need to be tackled at a county level and county-wide. Of course here are significant differences for example between the New Forest and Rushmoor and that means all of us doing things in the same way won't work. But when I meet Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles next week I can tell him that public, private and voluntary partners in Hampshire have really got their act together; how we're working collectively to improve services for local people, while ensuring this beautiful county prospers and that we can pass on the quality of environment to generations to come."

The partnership aims to meet no more than four times a year bringing together the major partners in Hampshire to address in a co-operative way those issues that can be dealt with more effectively together.

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