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Yew Tree Drive trial bus gate - three month trial set to begin

Friday, 21 February 2014

With traffic calming and other mitigation measures now in place and complete, Hampshire County Council will begin a three month trial opening of the Yew Tree Drive Bus Gate in Whiteley, on Monday 24 February 2014, to all except HGV traffic.

In June 2013 a decision was taken to go ahead with plans to open the bus gate at Yew Tree Drive for a trial period of three months, after overwhelming public support for the bollards to be lowered to allow residents better access to the north side of Whiteley.

At his decision day on 7 October 2013 Councillor Seán Woodward, Hampshire County Council Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment, agreed the trial opening subject to a number of mitigation measures being put in place. Those measures to improve the safety of road users and pedestrians in and around Yew Tree Drive, Swanwick Lane, Swanwick and Botley Road, Burridge, are now ready, and include:

  • Speed cushions
  • A toucan crossing
  • A heavy goods vehicle ban
  • Pedestrian refuge islands
  • Crossing points
  • Permanent flashing speed limit signs
  • A 20mph speed limit and parking restrictions.

During the trial, a number of surveys and counts will be undertaken to determine the impact of the bus gate opening in the surrounding area. These will include measuring traffic flow, speed, accident numbers, air quality, noise, and impacts on bus services. While the surveys are being analysed, the bus gate will remain open.

Councillor Woodward said: "I am delighted we are now in a position to start this trial. It will give local residents and businesses a realistic representation of what it would be like if the bus gate were open permanently, and I hope the concerns people had around safety will be alleviated through the measures being put in place. Once the results of the trial have been analysed along with any comments, I will then decide whether the bus gate should be opened permanently and what further mitigation measures may be appropriate, particularly on Swanwick Lane. It has never been a matter of whether the bus link would be opened to all traffic, but when; a planning application to complete Whiteley Way through to the A3051 North of Curbridge is currently expected in the spring."

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