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Gosport and Emsworth Community Associations benefit from more than £200,000 in grant funding

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Hampshire County Council has awarded a total of £221,900 for building projects being undertaken by Gosport and Emsworth Community Associations.

Councillor Keith Chapman, Hampshire County Council's Executive Member for Culture, Recreation and Countryside awarded the grants from the Community Buildings and Capital Fund 2013/14 at his decision day on Thursday 6 March 2014.

Partnership funding from the Community Buildings and Capital Fund enables the voluntary and community sector to maintain the quality of Hampshire's village halls and Community Association buildings. This finance enables improvements to be made to those buildings and can assist with the development of new facilities where appropriate.

Recognising the value of these facilities for local communities, a year ago the County Council decided to set aside an additional £1 million to support some major community building projects. This is a one-off fund and it generated a lot of interest from local community groups who were invited to submit an Expression of Interest for a grant of up to £200,000. Of these, six have been awarded grants of varying amounts up to £200,000.

Emsworth Community Association has been awarded £100,000 towards the costs of improving their two buildings to make the best possible use of them and to make them more energy efficient.

Gosport Community Association received £121,900 so it can upgrade Bury House, a Grade II listed Georgian building. The money will be used to refurbish the windows, install heating throughout the building, and conduct a feasibility study to determine the most efficient layout of the site.

Between them, the projects will benefit around 92,000 people.

Cllr Chapman said: "Having visited both Community Association sites, I am convinced that they are very worthy causes which will benefit a large number of Hampshire residents. Emsworth Community Association in particular, worked hard to meet our grant criteria, but I felt there was still more work needed to be done to make the best use of their building. After visiting the site, I have therefore decided to award them £100,000 in grant funding which can then be used as match funding for the Association to apply for other grants."

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