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Stay safe during the World Cup

Monday, 09 June 2014

With the FIFA Football World Cup about to kick off, Hampshire County Council's Trading Standards are helping consumers to stay safe and not get caught out by counterfeit goods and fake alcohol.

As the sporting spectacle gets underway and friends and families gather to watch the games together, the sale of fake or illegally produced alcohol and counterfeit football kits will be on the rise. People are also being warned of the risks of bringing disposable barbecues indoors.

Hampshire Trading Standards are providing consumers with the following top tips:


Fake or illegally produced alcohol can cause anything from nausea to blindness and even death. Trading Standards are reminding people to remember the four P's when buying alcohol; Place, Price, Packaging and Product.

  • Place: Only buy alcohol from a licensed and reputable outlet such as a supermarket, off-licence or shop.
  • Price: If it is too cheap, there is usually a reason. New controls have come into force which bans alcohol from being sold too cheaply at licensed premises.
  • Packaging: Look out for poor quality packaging including spelling mistakes, sealed caps that have been broken or crooked UK duty stamps. A smart phone app can scan barcodes to check they are genuine.
  • Product: Watch out for fake versions of well-known brands or brands you have not heard of before - vodka is a spirit that is regularly faked. Avoid alcohol with sediment in it, or that smells like nail varnish.

Know your limits. Nearly one in five Hampshire residents drink more than the safe recommended levels each week and with the onset of the World cup, alcohol consumption is likely to be higher. Advice on drinking and the maximum recommended levels are available from www.hants.gov.uk/drink-less


With the unpredictable UK weather it may be tempting to bring disposable barbecues inside. Disposable BBQs give off carbon monoxide gas and using them in the open air allows the CO gas to disperse. Using them indoors, or bringing them inside tents or caravans, does not allow the gas to safely disperse, exposing consumers to potentially lethal carbon monoxide poisoning.

Fake Replica Kit

Many loyal fans will want to support their country by wearing replica football kits. Consumers are warned that counterfeiters will want to take advantage of this by selling poor quality products that cannot be returned. Profits generated from the manufacture and sale of counterfeit goods often fund organised crime. If you are looking to purchase a replica kit, the message from Trading Standards is to remember: Quality, Outlet, and Price.

  • Quality: Fake clothing is often of low quality construction; with poor stitching, printing or embroidery.
  • Outlet: Genuine replica kit will only be sold by authorised stockists and will not be found at markets or car boot sales. Be careful if purchasing online, counterfeiters will often use photographs of genuine products to entice you but supply you with fake goods instead.
  • Price: Everybody likes a bargain, but be wary of the price that is being requested. If it is too cheap, there will be a reason.

To follow World Cup information on Twitter from Hampshire Trading Standards, follow #WorldCupStaySafe and @HantsTS

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