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Working together to support people with learning disabilities

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The Hampshire Learning Disability Partnership Board (HLDPB) is launching a new Plan to ensure that people with learning disabilities in Hampshire receive the same opportunities as everyone else and the right support to live their life the way they choose, no matter how complex their needs.

The Board whose membership is mainly people with learning disabilities and carers also includes Hampshire County Council and Health, invited input from the public on the most important things that service providers could do that would improve the lives of people with learning disabilities.

The resulting new Learning Disability Plan for Adults, launched on 16 July, brings together the most important messages from people with learning disabilities, families, carers and those with a particular interest in improving services for adults with learning disabilities.

These are:

  • Getting the right support
  • Staying healthy
  • Getting the right place to live
  • Activities during the day - access to education, training, paid work and volunteering
  • Relationships and family - being able to make choices and develop relationships
  • eeling safe at home and in the community
  • Supporting carers and family

Within the Plan service providers pledge promises around how they will work together and with people with learning disabilities to support them to achieve their goals in these seven areas.

One member of the HLDPB, Tanya Kiff said "There is a huge task ahead to ensure that promises are kept. If service providers keep the promises they have made, the Plan will make a big difference." Tanya cited as an example her difficulty with using touch screens when checking-in at her GP surgery as something which could be made easier to use. She also felt there is a lack of information available in Braille and audio formats for patients and people wanting to find out what services are available to them.

Marcia Lawman, also a member of the HLDPB said, "I am a person. I have my own feelings and thoughts. I want these to be respected and followed through. I want to live my life my own way, not just have my care needs met. You will be amazed at what I can achieve. But I need you to support me and give me the confidence I need to do it. With that support I can really go places that might have seemed impossible."

Cllr Liz Fairhurst, Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health and co-chair of the Hampshire Learning Disability Partnership Board said, "Key to the success of this Plan is all the agencies working together to ensure people with learning disabilities have choice and control over their care and support and are enabled to live as independently as possible."

Donna Williams, co-chair of the Hampshire Learning Disability Partnership Board welcomed the launch of the new Plan, "This is an exciting time for us. This Plan which we helped to put together will hopefully help all people with learning disabilities to live a better and safer life. We have the promises, now it is time for action."

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