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What is a complaint?

Hampshire County Council: A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction or concern by the public, however made, about the conduct, standard of service, actions or lack of action by the County Council or its staff

If you are dissatisfied  or have concerns about the standard of service, actions or lack of action by the County Council or its staff, we have a formal complaints procedure. Please note that this procedure is not intended for cases where the County Council has taken a decision in a proper manner but with which you disagree or where you wish to complain about other persons or organisations - unless they are working for the County Council

Examples of complaints would be where a customer considers that there has been:

  • Failure to provide a service at the right time or to the standard expected of the Service.
  • Dissatisfaction in answering a query or responding to a request for a service.
  • Failure to follow the Service’s agreed policy, orders or procedures.
  • Failure to take proper account of relevant matters in coming to a decision. Discourteous or dishonest behaviour by a member of staff.
  • Harassment, bias or unfair discrimination.

A complaint will not be investigated under the following circumstances:

  • Anonymous complaints;
  • Cases where other rights of appeal exist (e.g. special education provision);
  • Routine requests for service (e.g. repairing a pothole in the road), UNLESS such request has been dealt with improperly or with undue delay;
  • Cases where an immediate response can be given.

Our complaints procedure is not:

  • a way to review or appeal against decisions on things like planning decisions
  • a way to ask us to review a decision that has already gone against you through other proper procedures, such as a school admission appeal.

The procedure makes sure we properly look into your complaint and give you a considered response.

Please Note: Adult Services and Children's Services departments, including schools, have separate arrangements for complaints. Adult and Children's Services local offices and our contact centre can tell you about the procedure. Individual schools can tell you about their complaints procedure.