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Request for the provision of Parking Bays at Denny Close, Fawley Southampton

Response from Hampshire County Council, February 2014

I am unable to give a firm date for the implementation of any works by the County Council, and in any case they would almost certainly have a lower priority in relation to other safety related projects across the highway network.

As promised officer colleagues have considered the proposal for narrowing the road in Denny Close and I have to report that they have not been able to recommend this solution. It is considered that the situation in Denny Close is not dissimilar to other residential situations and any proposal of this nature could, given the pressures on parking space, displace vehicles to locations where they would create more of a hazard.

I have also now had the benefit of seeing County Councillor Fawkes’ e-mail to you dated 31 January 2014. In reading this and having been advised of further aspects of the history of this situation it would appear that the problem is exacerbated by an inadequate provision of parking within Charles Ley Court, given the level of car ownership by the residents. This, as County Councillor Fawkes suggests, is perhaps something that Housing 21, as owners of the building, should be addressing rather than the County Council.

I acknowledge the difficulties of finding a space to park, but unfortunately no one has an entitlement to park on a public road outside their home. However, if Housing 21 could be persuaded to provide additional spaces within land owned by them, this could be made available for the exclusive use of residents.

Councillor Seán Woodward
Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment