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Improving our Service to You – our resident survey

Hampshire County Council believes that the people of Hampshire deserve the best customer service that we can possibly provide.

We want to be responsive, clear about what you can expect from us, good at keeping you informed and consistent in doing what we say we will.

In short, we’d like dealing with Hampshire County Council to be a positive experience.

We want customers to enjoy dealing with us

Although we are proud of our record, if we’re honest, we think that there are areas in which our customer service could improve. We have started a 12-month review of our overall approach to customer service. An important part of this is listening to and understanding customers’ views, and hearing about their ideas and experience.

Your opinion counts

You have been helping us identify what could be improved. We have asked Hampshire residents, businesses and visitors a series of questions over the last few months. Responses to these questions are informing our planning.

Our first survey ran through October and November. Over 300 of you gave us your opinions on what really matters when it comes to customer service, and which organisations you have been impressed with in the past.

Our second survey asked you about some specific methods you prefer to use to contact the County Council. Just under 200 of you gave your feedback.

Thank you for your help.

If you have any queries or comments, please email us at or Tweet us @hantsconnect