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Hampshire Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

Since April 2013 every Health and Wellbeing Board in England has a legal responsibility to publish and keep up to date a statement of the needs for pharmaceutical services of the population in its area, referred to as a Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA).

The PNA looks at the current provision of community pharmacy services across Hampshire and whether this meets the current and future needs of the population.

For the purposes of the PNA pharmaceutical services include:

  • essential services: which every community pharmacy providing NHS pharmaceutical services must provide and is set out in their terms of service.
  • advanced services: services community pharmacy contractors and dispensing appliance contractors can provide subject to accreditation as necessary. Includes Medicines Use Reviews, the New Medicines Service for community pharmacists, Appliance Use Reviews and the Stoma Customisation Service for dispensing appliance contractors
  • enhanced services: commissioned by NHS England
  • other relevant services: dispensing doctors, appliance contractors

PNAs will be used to make decisions in the commissioning of NHS-funded Pharmaceutical Services.

The statutory consultation process for the Hampshire Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment took place during Autumn/Winter 2014-15, has now been completed and the final report approved by the Health & Wellbeing Board.

Download the Hampshire Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment

Map of Pharmacy provision in Hampshire

As part of the Hampshire Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment process finalised in March 2015, a map of pharmacy provision is available. The map will be updated as changes to pharmacies are sent to Public Health, Hampshire County Council.

To update the pharmacy information held on the interactive map, please email the Public Health Intelligence team:

Details of pharmacy services in Hampshire

For details of your local pharmacy location, opening hours and services provided, visit NHS Choices