Creating web pages

Why have web pages?

To some extent, we are probably preaching to the converted. You are likely to be keen about the idea of the web, and sold on the benefits. Before going further, though, it is worth examining exactly why you want to develop web pages, and why they are different from other media. Understanding exactly what you want to achieve from your web pages at this stage will make it more likely that you succeed.

  • Checklist for your web page.

    • Who is your audience?

    • What are your business goals?

    • What do you want the web to deliver to you? Reduced telephone calls, easy access to service, generating sales leads, web self service, communications or promotion of a product? - think about the outcome of the web service.

    • What are your customers information needs?

    • To supply up to date content what is the websites lifecycle and retention needs?

    • What language and style will your customers relate to?

    • How will web pages fit with other elements in your communication strategy?

    • How can you link your web information with your business processes?

    • Have you thought about using social media?