Creating web pages

Why do we have Hantsweb?

  • Hantsweb is the most used customer channel for the County Council. in 2011 we received 52 million page accesses from 6 million unique visitors.

  • For most of our customers Hantsweb is the first point of contact.

  • Hantsweb helps us ensure our services are accessible to all.  Well written content with clear user journeys enables our customer to access, apply and discover more about our services when it is convenient for them.

  • Hantsweb content is non platform dependant.

  • Hantsweb content is syndicated so more customers can find it.

  • Hantsweb provides direct access to service and enables mediated and third party access.  This means that our customers can either go online and self serve, drop into an information centre or library and get assistance to access online services or be enabled by volunteer or charity organisation.  Hantsweb then becomes the central customer access point delivering reliable up to date services.

  • Hantsweb provides up to date authoritative information. Alterations can be made with immediate effect and this lends credibility to the information.

  • Hantsweb supports the aims of County Council as outlined in the ·Corporate Strategy.

  • Communicating with the residents of Hampshire and beyond in support of economic development, the policy of openness and freedom of information

  • Reaching as many people as possible regardless of disability or technology.

  • Hantsweb has a broad remit, it is about Hampshire not just Hampshire County Council. We include information about Hampshire and its borders as this adds value to our pages and the public sometimes do not recognise political boundaries.