Corporate Web Standards


Heading web standard

  • All content must be structured using Heading styles.

  • The first heading on a page must be Heading 1.

  • All sub titles must then use heading styles in sequence

  • Make headings short and clear


All customers use headings to navigate web pages,

headings elements should convey document structure Use informative headings so that users can scan a page quickly for information rather than reading it in detail.

Visually-impaired users who use assistive technologies (eg screen readers) rely on heading tags to navigate through web pages. It's important that headings are used in the correct way and that headings are not created by styling text to look like headings.

Avoid slang, jargon and specialised meanings of familiar words.  Use customer language, words that are commonly used.

There are 4 levels of headings, they appear on the page:

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4