“Holidays at Home” Portsmouth booklet

Portsmouth Booklet

All over the country local committees were set up to promote local attractions and activities.

You might have taken a 'staycation' this year, but in World War II people were positively encouraged to do the same.

All over the country local committees were set up to promote local attractions and activities. This little booklet "See Your Countryside 'Holidays from Home' Portsmouth" was kept by a local Portsmouth family who used it during the war.

Inside is information about local cycle routes and walks, a programme of activities organised by local groups and it even includes a reading list of books available in the Portsmouth libraries about the countryside.

Among the holidays it suggests are working holidays on the land to help farmers.

Quick Facts

  • Accession number 2005/545
  • Place made Portsmouth
  • Date made June 1943
  • Dimensions Height 173mm, Width 103mm
  • Made of paper
  • Originally cost 3d


  • Unnecessary travel was discouraged during World War II as trains needed to be kept free for troop movements and to conserve fuel supplies. Most people’s cars, if they had them, were laid up because of petrol rationing.
  • To help encourage people to stay at home the ‘Holiday at Home’ campaign was set up in 1942-1943. The scheme encouraged local authorities to draw up a programme of events and amusements for the summer months, using local parks, attractions and local sports facilities. In Portsmouth the committee was formed mostly of councillors, but also had input from local organisations like the Portsmouth Cycling Club, the Portsmouth Rambling Club and The Portsmouth and Southsea Group of the Holiday Fellowship.
  • This item is located in the store at the Portsmouth City Museum.

Did you know?

Did you know that some large firms offered organised holidays for their workers during the war? Lyons ran a holiday camp in Sudbury, near London for their staff.

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