Southampton, Octobre 10, 1930

1930s Southampton

...what took his eye during a day in Southampton.

Amateur silent cinefilm, lasting about 16 minutes, taken by an unknown Frenchman on 10th October 1930, of what took his eye during a day in Southampton.

He took footage of ships in the port that day, including the ‘Empress of Australia’, visited the Vosper Thornycroft shipyard to see the launching of the Canadian naval ship ‘Skeena’.

He then took a tram ride from Bitterne Down Lances Hill into Southampton centre, to the tram terminus outside the South Western Hotel, where he witnessed dock workers leaving for home on trams and buses.

This short clip, in the 'gallery' tab in blue, shows the latter scene, and lasts just under 4 minutes.

Quick Facts

  • Catalogue record number AV143/1/V1
  • Filmed in Southampton
  • Date film made 10th October 1930
  • Original medium 16mm silent black and white cinefilm
  • Purchased from the Cinematheque Region de Bretagne, April 1990


  • The whole film includes shots in and around the docks - quayside images of large steam liners; close ups of funnels and rigging including the Aquitania. Liners in port on this day included the Olympic, the Empress of Australia, Brittany, Empress of Scotland and Edinburgh Castle.
  • There are also some views out towards Eling and the New Forest in the distance from the docks. Sailors are lowered from a liner in life rafts, wearing life jackets.
  • The sister of the Canadian Prime Minister launched the Skeena, a Canadian destroyer, as he was in London attending the funerals of those who died in the R101 airship disaster.
  • This film is now housed in the Wessex Film and Sound Archive at Hampshire Record Office.

Did you know?

Amateur film making started in the mid 1920s, and 16mm film and equipment was particularly expensive


Southampton, Octobre 10, 1930

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