Say 'Cheese' Kodak Brownie camera

1920s Kodak camera

You press the button, we do the rest.

No day out is complete without a camera on which to record your memories. Kodak cameras made photography available to a large number of people and Kodak founder George Eastman made the world’s first consumer camera in 1888.

This Kodak No.2 Folding Autographic Brownie was first manufactured in 1915 and production continued until 1926.

It originally retailed in the United States for $10.13, around £2.10 shillings in the UK, and the carrying case was an extra $1.25.

The camera was easy to use because it used a roll film which held more than one photograph negative.

The camera also has settings that allowed users to automatically set the lens aperture for near view portrait, average view, distant view and clouds/marine. The camera was also far more compact than previous models.

Quick Facts

  • Accesssion number WINCM:LH 4990.2
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Made between 1915 and 1926
  • Dimendions Length (when closed) 165mm, Width (when closed) 80mm, Depth (when closed) 35mm


  • The Autographic feature meant that the film could be written on with a stylus at the time the photographs were taken.
  • Between 1915 and 1921 540,000 Kodak Brownies were made.
  • The word Kodak was chosen because it was believed to be impossible to mispronounce and was unlike any other word in existence at the time.
  • The slogan for the Brownie camera was ‘You press the button, we do the rest’.

Did you know?

Price comparisons are not easy but the camera would have been around £2 10s in Britain when new, the equivalent today being about £250.


Close up image of the manufacturer of the camera
Kodak Brownie opened up
Front view of the Kodak Brownie
Writing on the side of the Kodak Brownie

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