PDSA Dickin Medal awarded to Tich

PDSA Dickin Medal

A brave dog of an outstandingly brave man.

This medal, awarded to animals for conspicuous gallantry while serving with the Armed Forces, belonged to Tich, a black mongrel terrier.

Tich was adopted by 1st Battalion King’s Royal Rifle Corps during the fighting in the Western Desert in 1941. She accompanied Rifleman Thomas Walker on the front line, and was usually seen on the bonnet of a Bren gun carrier or stretcher jeep.

Rifleman Walker served as a medic in Italy and was awarded the Military Medal for tending to the injured under dangerous conditions. Tich remained with him at all times, being wounded on many occasions.

The medal was awarded to Tich on 1st July 1949 ‘For loyalty, courage and devotion to duty under hazardous conditions of war 1941-1945 while serving with the 1st King’s Royal Rifle Corps in North Africa and Italy.’ Newspaper reports described ‘Tich’ as ‘the brave dog of an outstandingly brave man.’

Quick Facts

  •  PDSA Dickin Medal introduced 1943
  • Dimensions Diameter 45mm
  • Made of bronze
  • Medal awarded to ‘Tich’ the dog
  • Date awarded to 'Tich' 1st July 1949
  • ‘Tich’ served with Rifleman Walker, 1st King’s Royal Rifle Corps
  • Accession number WINGJ.2007.3099


  • The PDSA Dickin Medal was introduced by Maria Dickin, the founder of the Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals, in 1943. The medal, the animals’ equivalent to the Victoria Cross, is made of bronze and is embossed with the words ‘For Gallantry’ and ‘WE ALSO SERVE’. The reverse of the medal bears the name of the recipient. It has a dark green, dark brown and pale blue ribbon.
  • Tich died in 1959 and is buried in the PDSA pet cemetery at Ilford. The medal was then donated to The Royal Green Jackets (Rifles) Museum.

Did you know?

The PDSA Dickin medal has been awarded to a variety of animals including pigeons, dogs, horses and a cat.


PDSA Dickin Medal

Fact Sheets

Find out more about Ilford Animal Cemetery where Tich is buried.

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