Nightcap belonging to King Charles I

Charles I nightcap

...worn by King Charles I on the night before his execution.

According to tradition this nightcap was worn by King Charles I on the night before his execution (29th – 30th January 1649). Its size corresponds to other caps which have been authenticated as being worn by the King.

The nightcap is made of linen and is decorated with whitework embroidery, drawn-thread work and cutwork with needlelace inserts. The shape and construction of the cap indicate that it was made in the early 17th century.

The nightcap was one of the first items in the collections at Carisbrooke Castle Museum, presented by Queen Victoria when the Museum was originally founded in 1898 by her daughter, Princess Beatrice. It’s relevance to the Museum lies in the King’s association with Carisbrooke Castle, where he was held prisoner in 1648.

Quick Facts

  • Made of linen
  • Made in the early 17th century
  • Belonged to King Charles I
  • Dimensions Diameter (inside) 54cm
  • Decorated with Whitework embroidery
  • Accession number NETCC:1985.3790


  • A piece of the lace cravat, said to have been worn by the King on the day he was put to death, is also on display at Carisbrooke Castle Museum.

Did you know?

Nightcaps were not just worn at night, but also in the day-time as casual wear.


360 degree rotation of Charles I nightcap

Fact Sheets

Things to Do

  • Visit Carisbrooke Castle Museum and see the nightcap and other Charles I objects on display. 
  • See the King’s bedroom and the room where his daughter, Princess Elizabeth, died.

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