Motor accident at Alresford Road, 1938

Photograph of a motor accident, 1938

The driver was able to crawl out having only received slight abrasions and shock.

View of a motor accident at Alresford Road, Winchester near the Golden Lion Public House on Wednesday 10th August, 1938. Motor accidents always attract a crowd of on-lookers and this was as much the case in 1938 as today.

This photograph was reproduced in the Hampshire Observer on the following Saturday along with a brief report.

The car, driven by Allan Stafford of Godalming, Surrey, skidded on the wet road and rolled after striking a fence. The driver was able to crawl out having only received slight abrasions and shock.

The photograph was taken by Francis Blake Heathcote Wride. He is first recorded trading at 4 Jewry Street in Warren’s Directory of Winchester in 1921 and remained there until 1955. After his father’s death in 1926 Wride continued to trade as ‘F.B. Wride & Co.’.

As well as developing photographs for others Wride was also a keen photographer and recorded a great deal of Winchester life between the 1920s and his death in 1955.

Whereas many of the photographs taken by the late Victorian photographer William Savage are very formal, Wride’s catch everyday events. This is probably partly due to the advances that had occurred in photography by the 1930s but also due to differences in styles of photography.

Quick Facts

  • Accident happened outside the Golden Lion Pub, Alresford Road, Winchester
  • Date of accident 10th August 1938
  • Photographer Francis Blake Heathcote Wride
  • Accession number WINCM:PWCM 4968
  • Medium photographic print
  • Dimensions Length 9cm, Width 6.5cm


  • Francis Blake Heathcote Wride was born in 1892 in Southampton, the son of Francis Blake Wride, a chemist and photograph developer. The younger Francis followed his father into the same profession and moved to Winchester.


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