At Last You Know - Shell Promotional Valentines Card


You can be sure of....

Shell’s interest in Valentine Cards began in 1938 with the innovative idea of sending Valentine greetings to lady customers, a tradition that continued until the 1970s. With witty rhymes on motoring and petrol themes, the cards did not declare the sender, but the verse would always end in ‘You can be sure of ...’.

This particular card references the end of wartime Pooled Petrol regulations in Great Britain.

You can read a transcription of the Valentine greeting on this card in the "Fact Sheets" section below.

Quick Facts

  • Date made 1953
  • Accession number 4011
  • Made of Paper
  • Artist Leonard Huskinson
  • Dimensions Length 17.5cm Width 13.5cm


  • This card forms a part of the Shell Art Collection at the National Motor Museum.
  • The copyright of this card is held by Shell Brands International AG.
  • This card was chosen by Rachel Pearson (Resident Agent) as her favourite object on exhibition in the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu. Rachel has been a member of staff at Beaulieu since 2001. Watch the video in the "Gallery" section to see Rachel talk about the significance of this object.


At Last You Know - Shell Promotional Valentines Card

Fact Sheets

At Last You Know –  Shell Promotional Valentine’s Card

At last you know, my Valentine,
The news I’ve longed to bring.
Now let the petrol flow like wine,
Let joyful engines sing.
See! On the road each Pool has fled,
The sun has dried the showers;
We’ve many a carefree mile ahead,
The best of spirits ours.
So, off we’ll go, and – this we know –
We’ll motor far and well.
For every day is . . . . . Day now;
You can
      be sure of . . . . .

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