Queen Victoria Memorial Unveiling, August 1903

Queen Victoria Memorial Unveiling

Every point of vantagea?|was fully occupieda?| including enterprising snapshottists, being seated on the housetops.

Queen Victoria bought the Osborne estate on the Isle of Wight in 1845, and died on the Island in January 1901. Her choice of Osborne as a residence brought royalty, and other world figures, to the Isle of Wight, and increased its prestige. The inhabitants of Newport had a particular reason to be grateful to the Queen. She had made a point of visiting the town during an outbreak of typhoid in 1894, when others were reluctant to make the journey.

The Queen Victoria Memorial was placed in St James Square, Newport. The money for it was raised by public subscription to the designs of architect Percy Stone. The three bronze figures supporting the column represented Dignity, Fortitude, and Sympathy.

The unveiling took place in August 1903, and was performed by the Queen’s youngest daughter, Princess Beatrice, accompanied by two of her children, and another of Victoria’s daughters, Princess Christian. “Every point of vantage commanding a view of the memorial was fully occupied, even to the roofs of some of the surrounding buildings, some of the more venturesome, including enterprising snapshottists, being seated on the housetops.”  

Quick Facts

  • Accession number IWRO:NPT 123
  • Dimensions Length 24cm, Height 19cm
  • Medium photographic print from glass plate
  • Photograph taken 13 August 1903
  • Memorial designer Percy Stone


  • Lines from poem on the unveiling of the Queen Victoria Monument, by A.G. James of Terrace Road, Newport

    Affection’s hand this monument hath reared
    To show how Her remembrance is revered,
    And tell the tale of queenly virtue’s worth
    To those awaiting yet their time of birth.

    Within this seeming cold and lifeless stone
    There lives the warmth love can impart alone;
    Affection, melted by Her death to tears,
    Here, crystallized for evermore, appears.


Queen Victoria Memorial Unveiling, August 1903
Queen Victoria Memorial
Queen Victoria Memorial unveiling order of proceedings

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