Jack Fane's Home Movies, 1930s

Cine film made by the late Mr Jack Fane

clips show members of the Fane family outside the Manor house, enjoying themselves, taking part in various activities

This montage of clips from silent black and white amateur cinefilms made by the late Mr Jack Fane of Steventon Manor, Hampshire in the 1930s can be viewed in the "Gallery" section of this item.

The clips, 4 minutes 50 seconds in length in total, are just a taster of what can be seen on a recording of a longer reel of film held at Wessex Film and Sound Archive at Hampshire Archives and Local Studies.

The clips show members of the Fane family outside the Manor house, enjoying themselves, and taking part in various activities. They provide a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the members of one family in the 1930s.

Children play on a roller-coaster slide. Then, in a wintry setting, the family enjoy throwing snowballs at each other, and children are shown sledging down an icy country lane. There follows a clip showing a girl leading a small pony and trap around the garden, and children riding around in the cart. The next snippet shows children, perhaps at a party or village social event, eating cakes at a table and blowing on squeakers. The final clip shows a lady getting into a car and attempting to drive off.

Quick Facts

  • Catalogue record number AV1362/1/V1
  • Place filmed Steventon Manor, Hampshire
  • Filmed by Jack Fane
  • Date filmed 1930's
  • Clip length 4 minutes 50 seconds


  • The full reel of Jack Fane's home movies at Wessex Film and Sound has clips showing people enjoying themselves at the local sports day, also the aftermath of the fire at the manor, and life onboard a cruise ship and a motor yacht. Back in Steventon, children are shown show-jumping, and adults playing golf. There are shots of a biplane performing aerobatics and landing. Party guests arrive at the Manor, and the family are shown picking strawberries.
  • Jack Fane's home movies were transferred to DVD by a commercial firm and then, unfortunately, the originals were destroyed.
  • One of the volunteers at Hampshire Archives and Local Studies, Richard Tanner, suggested this because:
    'Steventon Manor is near my home and I’ve researched its long and often sad history. The extract from this home movie shows the Onslow Fane children having such fun back in the 1930s, oblivious of the future – the break-up of their parents’ marriage, the sale of the house, its requisitioning in WW2, abandonment and demolition within 35 years.'
  • Richard is a volunteer with Hampshire Archives and Local Studies, transcribing tithe awards and labelling archival photographs. He has published several guides to North Hampshire villages, including Jane Austen’s Steventon.

Did you know?

Jack Fane was a sportsman and chairman of the British Board of Boxing Control.


Jack Fane's Home Movies, 1930s

Fact Sheets

Catalogue record for AV1362/1/V1 Jack Fane home movies

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