New Forest Ponies, 1989

Colour Scenes of New Forest Ponies 1989

...scenes of New Forest ponies.... Beaulieu Heath in April.

This film clip, viewable in the "Gallery" section of this item, features colour scenes of New Forest ponies, taken from the TVS Country Ways Series 6: Beaulieu Heath in April, shown in 1989. The presenter was Jim Flegg.

In the film clip, lasting 1 minute 57 seconds, Jeffrey Kitcher of Furzey Lane, Beaulieu, who operates a timber business in the Forest and is a New Forest verderer, talks about his life and work.

The ten verderers of the New Forest are a group, some elected and some appointed, who have responsibility for the commoners' animals in the Forest, for enforcing the forest laws, and for safeguarding the landscape, wildlife and character of the Forest.

At the time of the broadcast, visitor numbers to the Forest were increasing.

The complete episode from which this clip is taken can be viewed at Wessex Film and Sound Archive at Hampshire Archives and Local Studies.


Quick Facts

  • Catalogue record number TVS1193/V1
  • Clip from TVS Country Ways Series 6: Beaulieu Heath in April
  • Place featured in clip Beaulieu Heath, New Forest
  • Film made at Television Centre, Southampton
  • Film made by TVS (Television South)
  • Date film shown 1989
  • Length of film clip 1 minute 57 seconds


  • The TVS Country Ways Series 6: Beaulieu Heath in April also covers the development of the New Forest and interviews with those who lived and worked there. Mavis Trollope of Broomhills farm, East Boldre describes her life and work as a smallholder. Walter Oldsworth, a gardener at Palace House, Beaulieu, from the age of 16 talks about his training with the then Head Gardener, Mr Lee. He also talks about the explosion of visitors to the Forest. Graham Wilson, a Forestry Commission Keeper, who lived at Kings Hatt Cottage, Beaulieu, discusses the politics of the Forest. Bill Grindy talks about his 32 years as Harbour Master on the Beaulieu river. Issac Keeping of Oldfield Farm, Boldre, talks about the changing lifestyle of Commoners. The rest of the film also shows birdlife at Saltmarsh.
  • This item was suggested by one of the volunteers at Hampshire Archives and Local Studies because: 'I chose this series because it so interestingly covered community lives, disappearing crafts and skills, wildlife and nature. It was particularly well shot and edited with good commentary and sensitive interviews with local people, i.e. excellent production values.'

Did you know?

The franchise for the ITV area formerly held by TVS during the 1980s is now covered by ITV Meridian. The TVS studios at the time were located at the Television Centre, alongside the River Itchen just north of Northam Bridge in Southampton.


New Forest Ponies, 1989

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