Scenes around Winchester, 1964

Cine film of Winchester High Street

...the inside as well as the outside of Macfisheries...

This clip from a silent, colour film showing scenes around Winchester in 1964 can be viewed in the "Gallery" section of this item. It is taken from a collection of Winchester Museum amateur films showing various areas of the town. The reel shows various streets in the town centre, and the inside as well as the outside of Macfisheries supermarket.

The clip, 2 minutes and 45 seconds long, begins in St George's Street. The Casson Block is featured, and traffic drives down the street - today it drives up the street as part of the one-way system. The clip switches to the Broadway, with a view of traffic and the bus station. There are scenes of shops in the High Street, including Macfisheries, on the site now occupied by Next. Traffic can be seen driving up the High Street, today largely pedestrianised. There are views of the Pentice, and the clip ends at the Buttercross.

The complete film can be viewed at Wessex Film and Sound Archive at Hampshire Archives and Local Studies.

Quick Facts

  • Catalogue record number AV105/5/V1
  • Film taken at Winchester, Hampshire
  • Film taken in 1964
  • Medium video recording
  • Length of clip 2 minutes 45 seconds


  • Other clips on the same reel at Wessex Film and Sound Archive show soldiers marching in front of spectators at Peninsula Barracks, the Police authority tower block, the Cathedral, and a procession including the Mayor entering the West Door of the Cathedral, followed by footage of a Judge leaving his lodgings in the Close. St Swithun's Girls' School is also featured.
  • The complete reel from which this clip is taken is 26 minutes long.
  • Jill Brighton, volunteer at Wessex Film and Sound Archive, Hampshire Archives and Local Studies suggested this item because:
    “High street shops such as Macfisheries, now forgotten. The recently-vacated offices in George Street shown here as newly-built, and cars with chromium bumpers. A nostalgic film of the recent past.”
  • Jill Brighton has been a volunteer at Wessex Film and Sound Archive since 2007, helping with a number of useful tasks, and lives in North Winchester.

Did you know?

This collection comprises audio and video tapes as well as DVDs.


Scenes around Winchester, 1964

Fact Sheets

Catalogue record for film showing scenes around Winchester in 1964

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