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Plasticine passengers - all aboard!

Ryde Paddle Steamer

The boat was soon filled with people...

Working with artists from Future Creative, Year 3 and 4 children from Shanklin Primary School on the Isle of Wight created plasticine passengers to sit on a 2012 plywood version of the model of the Ryde Paddle Steamer featured on the Heritage100 website.

This proved to be a very popular activity with the children inventing stories for the plasticine people. The boat was soon filled with people going on holiday, travelling to have a complicated operation, off to meet friends with their pets or starting new jobs.

During a very busy morning students made more models than could really fit on the boat, it was soon very crowded aboard ship. They made flags for the rigging and there was even someone fishing over the side as they travelled on board the ferry.


  • Rob Turner of Future Creative said "We even had a chimney sweep who was called aboard to clean out the funnel, unfortunately he had an accident and had to be resuscitated as he had fallen right down into the ship's engine room. We found some cocktail umbrellas with the second group we worked with and it was as if the boat had become a 'party ship' rather like when it was a disco during the seventies".


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