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Roadshow Tuesday 29 January Christchurch

Annalie Talent shares some vintage Days Out themed objects with the Friends of Red House Museum

...the group reminisced about previously enjoyed high days and holidays

The first Heritage100 Road Show was a lively affair attended by thirteen members of the Friends of Red House Museum, at the museum in Christchurch.

After a brief introduction to the website and all its special features, the group reminisced about previously enjoyed high days and holidays; their memories prompted by vintage objects passed around, such as a 1950s bathing costume, seaside postcards and a picnic case which sparked discussions about childhood days out on a charabanc to the seaside and homemade knitted bathing costumes that sagged to the knees when wet!

Scroll down to the 'details' section to find out what else went on at this event.

Browse the comments section to see what other memorabilia the group shared with the Heritage100 Road Show.



  • Some people had brought along their own items to show – an Opium Pipe made of Buffalo bone, bought on a holiday in Spain, a biography written about a father based on questions asked whilst he was living in a nursing home, and a Sarah Gamp teapot with an umbrella handle.
  • Using iPads, some of the group uploaded photos of their own special mementos and shared their stories and reflections about the event. These can be viewed in the comments section below.
  • This session was the first of twenty Heritage100 Roadshows which will be touring throughout Hampshire and the Isle of Wight until March 2013.


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Opium pipe

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