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Roadshow Thursday 31 January Gosport

Brendon Day Care Centre, Gosport

one Octogenarian.. had enjoyed using the iPad so much that she now wants to go to computer lessons.

The Road Show had a thoroughly lovely afternoon with members of the Brendon Day Care Centre Thursday Group, The Anchorage in Gosport.

The average age of the group was well over eighty and most had not used a computer or explored the internet before.

Nevertheless, the group’s eagerness to have a go with the iPads was a real eye-opener and proved that it should never be assumed that people are too old to learn new things.

But perhaps the greatest success of all could be summed up by the feedback from one Octogenarian who had enjoyed using the iPad so much that she now wants to go to computer lessons.

See the 'Details' section to read more about the session


  • The Thursday Club spent a couple of hours looking at objects from the 1950s and 1960s - including an original ‘50s bathing costume, some saucy seaside postcards and a 1940s driving licence – which sparked off memories of beach holidays, trips to the pub (in separate ladies and men’s parts of the bar) and Saturday morning cinema trips.
  • Some people brought their own family mementos and shared their stories. Perhaps most popular was a gadget described by its owner as ‘a founding father of the iPad’ one of the very first Playstation hand-held consoles called a ‘Game and Watch’. This 1980s wizard gadgetry brought home to everyone how quickly an object can become a ‘vintage’ item in today’s fast paced technological world.
  • Browse the comments section to see what other memorabilia the Gosport group shared with the Heritage100 Road Show.


Roadshow logo
Brendon Day Care Centre, Gosport
Angela, the group's leader shared her Dutch grandmother's coffee bean grinder / coffee maker

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