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Roadshow Wednesday 6 February Farnborough

Farnborough Library

A lovely time was had by all

The Road Show paid a flying visit to the Visually Impaired Reading Group at Farnborough library.

Guest facilitator Matt West read a reminiscence poem by Wendy Cope, ‘I Remember’, and then the group came up with some memories of their own which evolved into a group poem. A lovely time was had by all.


Farnborough Memories

I remember swimming and surfing in the waves.
I remember ice cream on the beach.
I remember playing with my brother and sister.
I remember getting half a boiled egg for tea.
I remember always wanting a whole one.
Now, I don't like eggs.

I remember making stories up and telling them to my sister.
I remember her falling asleep before I had finished them.
I remember thinking I should write these stories down.
Now, I can't remember them.

I remember going on holiday to Southend-on-Mud.
I remember going cycling with father.
I remember we had a tandem and we'd go as fast as cars.
I can remember it raining.

I remember hearing rain bounce on the corrugated roof
of the bungalow where we were staying.
I remember once being able to remember.
I remember, I remember.
I'm remembering.


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Farnborough Library
Farnborough Library
Farnborough Library
Farnborough Library
Farnborough Library
Farnborough Library


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