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Roadshow Tuesday 19 February, Newman Court, Basingstoke


Grace talked about working in the staff canteen at Woolworths in the days when meals were cooked from scratch

The roadshow had a lovely afternoon visiting members of Newman Court Day Centre in Basingstoke. We started by looking at some of the Days Out related objects on the website. The vintage Silver Ghost Rolls Royce, which is on display at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, got people talking; someone was reminded of the popular 1960’s film The Yellow Rolls Royce and someone else talked of how they had once travelled in a “Rolls” when they were young.  Lots of people talked of how they had visited the museum in the past. 

We brought along with us two memory boxes of items which would jog memories of past pleasures and leisure time. A Football Monthly magazine from 1965 promptly a lively discussion about the football teams people had supported from Aston Villa to Manchester United; an old Shove Ha’ penny board brought back memories of childhood playing, and we even indulged in a game or two.


We looked at some old newspapers with photographs of Prince Charles and Princess Anne as children (1952) and of Winston Churchill on the day he died (1965) and several people told stories about themselves and things they had done during those years: Thelma had been a Champion Diver and Swimmer in Birmingham and Muriel had been in service for many years, working as a scullery and kitchen maid.

Lots of people enjoyed looking at the website using the iPads which we brought along with us. Poet Matt West rounded the afternoon off with an impromptu performance of two reminiscence poems which prompted nods of recognition. A lovely time was had by all.


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