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Roadshow Tuesday 5 March, Gosport

Woodlands House, Gosport

It had been traditional right up until 1970 For Naval Officers to be given a a??Tota?? of pure rum (about a third of a pint!)

This event was honoured with the presence of the Mayor of Gosport who came along to show his support for the Heritage100 website.

The whole affair was very sociable, and the objects on the website got the reminiscences and stories flowing.

The Mayor told of his time in the Royal Navy and how it had been traditional right up until 1970 For Naval Officers to be given a ‘Tot’ of pure rum (about a third of a pint!), whilst the enlisted men received a third of a ‘Tot’ diluted with water.   The film of the Silver Ghost Rolls Royce on display at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu prompted memories for some people of the London to Brighton race whilst someone else told how they remembered going to Beaulieu in the 1960’s and queuing for hours to go to the Loo!  (Facilities are much improved today).  We asked everyone what they remembered about cars in the old days and someone mentioned the ‘trafficators’ -  the indicators that popped out from the side like a little hand to indicate when turning right or left.  Someone else’s father had a motorbike and side car before buying a Morris Oxford with a bench seat in the front.  Car seats were made of leather in those days and one woman’s belt buckle had cut the seat which she then had to stitch. 

The talk moved on to the Queen’s Coronation which people remembered well as time of street parties and neighbourliness.  

The film of the mobile Grocery shop set everyone off talking about the shops that they remembered and how you returned bottles to the grocery shop to get back a three pence deposit.  A lot of children used to subsidise their pocket money by collecting bottles. 



The iPads were a great success, with everyone having a go at using them and exploring the Heritage100 website for themselves.  One man commented that he had always been really interested in visiting museums but had always gone up to London, never realising that there was so much more of local interest on his doorstep – and he intended to visit the museums in Hampshire in future.  

The Mayor thanked the Roadshow team for an interesting and enjoyable session. A thoroughly good time was had by all!


Heritage100 Roadshow logo
Woodlands House, Gosport
Woodlands House, Gosport
Woodlands House, Gosport
Woodlands House, Gosport

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