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Roadshow Wednesday 13 March, Lion Oak Court, Andover

The first films that people saw included Lassie, Bambi and The Sound of Music

The Roadshow team had a lovely afternoon with the residents of Lion oak Court in Andover. Our collective look at objects on the Heritage100 website prompted sharing of stories about first cars: starting them up by turning the motor, pushing them up hills and paying up to a pound a gallon for petrol, which seemed expensive at the time.

One lady remembered catching the 131 to Hampton Court; another remembered getting on open topped double-decker buses. One lady remembered having to get off the bus to guide the driver through the smog in the 1960s. One day when this happened they ended up in a church yard!

Talk turned to the earlier days when horse drawn vehicles would come round selling their wares, from coal to cockles and mussels. An early form of recycling came in the form of the Rag and Bone man who would take anything away.

Holidays came in the form of days trips to the beach and were usually taken by train. Memories of Punch and Judy shows and donkey rides brought smiles. One lady remembered the game known as a ‘Yes and No Interlude’ where children would have to get on the stage and make sure they didn’t answer yes or no to the questions.


We passed round our John Player cigarette cards of old Film Stars and this brought back some nostalgic memories. One lady worked in the local Odeon cinema and still remembers the prices for a ticket – one and nine in old money. She would get to see some of the old British Stars at film premieres. The first films that people saw included Lassie, Bambi and The Sound of Music.

We rounded off the afternoon talking about the objects and photographs that we keep to remind us of good times past and loved ones long gone. One lady called Nora shared a photograph of herself as a child with her mother, father and siblings and then also a photograph of her mother as a child taken with her mother father and siblings.

This second photograph was taken as far back as the 1890s and it would have been a very special event for a family to gather for this kind of portrait shot back then. Everyone remarked how similar Nora looked to her mother at the same age. Another lady, also called Nora, shared a story about how after she was in service in Manchester she went to work in a factory making parts for the Lancaster bombers. Lots of people enjoyed having a go on the iPads, proving that you are never too old to learn a new skill.


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Lion Oak Court, Andover
Lion Oak Court, Andover
Lion Oak Court, Andover

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