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Roadshow Monday 25 March, Beaulieu


They had owned a Bubble car which had a big door on the front and no reverse gear

The Roadshow team were excited to visit the National Motor Museum after showing so many of the museum’s car-related films at previous events.

We were joined by 12 people from various corners of the New Forest and even as far away as Wiltshire. Conversation focused very much around motoring in days gone by and the stories and reminiscences flowed.

Francis told how his first car had been a Morris Minor which had cost him £50 in 1955.  He’d had to use reverse gear to go up hills because it was more powerful than first gear.  Alan remembered how his first car had been a Wolsey 1650 which had leather seats and a real wood interior and also he could remember that his father had owned a Lee Francis which had been an unusual sky blue colour and had the number plate GOE 880.   Alan could also remember that in the 1960’s his father had owned a Wolsey 444 with the number plate SDT 534. Someone else told how they had owned a Bubble car which had a big door on the front and no reverse gear, and another told how they remembered that to commemorate the Queens Golden Jubilee in 1987 the Daily Mail had been printed in golden print.  People were reminded of how driving used to be when Sally commented that she had failed her first driving test because of her inaccurate use of hand signals.


As requested, some of the group had brought along heritage items which held precious memories for them. Alan showed a trophy that he had won when navigating for his father in a motor rally held by a motor club in Nottinghamshire.  Ann and her husband had started their own History society for the village of Copythorne where they lived and brought along with them their book of photographs and records for the village.  This item was passed around the group for everyone to look at.  The museum had also provided a box of handling items which included a lovely photograph album containing pictures of early vintage cars and charabancs. 

After the session, some people popped along to the museum to have a closer look at some of the vintage cars which are featured on the Heritage100 site.

One octogenarian lady commented that she would look at the Heritage100 website again “to show that I am coming into the 21st century!”


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