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Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

Gurkha Memorial Garden

Gurkha Memorial

A selection of Nepal's unique flora can be seen in the Gurkha Memorial Garden between Himalayan Valley and Jermyn's House. Created in 1997 with generous funding from the Kadoorie Foundation of Hong Kong, the garden has been planted with wild-collected material of known origin, including material collected by Roy Lancaster OBE VMH, Tom Le M Spring-Smyth, and Tony Schilling.

On the top level stands a traditional Nepalese resting-place, the Chautara, displaying the regimental regiments. A chautara is a four-walled roofless structure where weary travellers can rest while trekking across the foothills of the Himalayas. It is common in Nepal for a chautara to be constructed in memory of a recently deceased loved one, and ours is constructed in memory of Sir Horace Kadoories (1902-1995), benefactor to the Gurkhas and their homeland of Nepal.