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Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

Your support is invaluable

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The Gardens are a registered charity and increasingly rely upon voluntary income. Your voluntary donations will contribute to the future success and expansion of the plant collection, associated conservation and education programmes.

Tree Adoptions

Tree adoption helps ensure that we can continue to select and grow beautiful trees, while preserving memories you cherish. If you have a favourite tree, you may like to consider adopting it. Choose a tree and write its name, number and location on the attached form, or have one of our expert staff help select a tree for you. We will then confirm the suitability of the tree which will be labelled with the name of the person for whom it is adopted.

The label will read Adopted by (or on behalf of) and name

Your details will be added to our database, and you will receive an adoption certificate for your tree along with four complementary tickets to visit the Gardens.In the unlikely event that your tree should fail within five years, a suitable replacement will be found and all your details will be transferred without any additional cost.

Memorial Benches

We welcome your support to add new benches to the Gardens. Two sizes of quality hardwood benches are available, made from sustainable materials. A 6ft bench costs £750 while an 8ft bench is £850.

This price includes the plaque and engraving costs and four complimentary tickets to visit the Gardens. We always aim to agree a suitable location with you. A commemorative plaque will be fixed to the bench with your own wording (maximum of up to 20 words).

Benches usually last a period of 10 to 15 years or more. Benches for political parties or pressure groups cannot be accepted.


We would also be delighted to hear from you if you'd be interested in discussing sponsoring a feature within the gardens to support our work. We are always developing or replanting areas of the garden, looking for support with a new access path, planting bulbs etc.

Without the generous support of many grant giving organisations as well as companies and individuals, we could not have developed features such as the All Ability Path, replanting the Centenary Border and bulb plantings.

Please contact the Director to discuss it further.



Visitor Services

tel 01794 369317/318


Adopt a tree or a bench

Celebrate a special occasion, or remember a loved one.

  • Tree £200
  • 6' bench £750
  • 8' bench £850