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Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

Magnolia Avenue

Magnolia Avenue

In the early 1960s a group of Magnolias, mainly forms of M. x soulangeana, were planted to form an avenue running from the front of Jermyn's House to where, at that time, a large beech stood, said to have been planted in 1840. Magnolia Avenue, when in full flower in April, is one of the more magnificent sights of the Gardens. Now fully mature, these splendid old specimens are complemented throughout the year by alpines and dwarf shrubs on the scree beds around them.

Nearby Jermyn’s House is some of the beautiful Himalayan pink tulip tree Magnolias with their goblet shaped flowers that open wide, like spreading water lilies. In the vicinity are other ornamental trees and an interesting heather collection which flowers throughout the year. Although Magnolias are known for their spring flowers some species continue flowering well into summer such as Magnolia sieboldii and Magnolia wilsonii.

Magnolia Rustica

  • Magnolia Campbellii
  • Magnolia Sieboldi

Did you know?

Magnolia campbellii can take anything from 20 to 30 years to flower from seed.