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Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

The Pond


The Pond is fed by water draining from Jermyn’s House Valley and Ampfield Wood Valley. In spite of this often uncertain supply, it has only dried out once, in the great drought of 1976. The peaceful setting makes it an ideal place to sit and relax during a walk. On the banks of the Pond can be found several trees of swamp cypress (Taxodium distichum) a common tree in coastal swamps of the southern United States. The typical buttressed base seen on trees in the wild, helps to support them in swampy ground, and is developing on the small tree planted in the centre of the Pond. In the moist soil around the Pond, and in the Bog Garden, the lush foliage of numerous bamboos predominates, mixed with bold herbaceous perennials such as the enormous Gunnera manicata. These are a favourite attraction in this area, reaching their largest size in summer and hiding their large flower spikes under the huge leaves.