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Sir Harold Hillier Gardens

Art in the Garden

17 May - 19 October 2014

Now in its 15th spectacular year Art in the Garden is one of the largest sculpture exhibitions in the country with 100 sculptures displayed in the unique outdoor setting of the world famous Sir Harold Hillier Gardens.

The exhibition displays the work of 47 artists both new graduates and established sculptors who have travelled from across Britain to exhibit their work. The wonderful variety of sculptures create a stimulating and diverse exhibition ranging from abstract to figurative pieces in a variety of materials from glass, metal, marble, stone to ceramics, acrylic and even aluminium acetate.

Art in the Garden will inspire, intrigue and entertain. It is a selling exhibition and is a wonderful opportunity to buy a unique piece of art for your garden. Whether it is an abstract or figurative sculpture there really is something to please everyone.

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Desmond Brett ARBS

Desmond is inspired by graphic depictions of ephemeral or transient things such as cartoons or ceramic designs and the solid material descriptions of these. The sketchbook is important to his work as his 'studio' and the graphic forms and images he creates are then translated in three dimensions.

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Sue Bryant

Shapes and patterns of nature are the inspiration behind the sculptural forms of Sue's designs, the use of layers and interaction of natural light enhance the visual effect of her work creating soft diffusion of tones and silhouettes. Dappled light and the layers of random cut outs, off set and overlapped, provide a view of what is beyond but the sculptural surfaces provide a barrier between one space and another.

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Belinda Salmon Harding

Belinda is a sculptor who has been seduced by glass. The shapes that she makes are the three dimensional forms of the spaces that exist between objects in the landscape. By bending float glass, Belinda achieves new three dimensional forms that invite the spectator to look through, over and around them, whilst encouraging the question what is beyond?

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Paul Rowbottom

Paul Rowbottom uses traditional methods creating work which is both contemporary in feel yet reaches back to ancient heritage. 'Celtic Connection' takes the ancient symbol of eternity but places it on the forged ironwork creating a precarious equilibrium. Gravity is defied by the balance of the heavy stone.

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Peter Walker ARBS

Peter's work is primarily crafted in bronze and varies from the fully representational pieces to powerful abstractions. 'Description of the Final Drive' was commissioned by Art on the Edge to celebrate outstanding sporting achievement in anticipation of the 2012 Olympics. All superfluous detail is removed in order to capture the enormous effort and competitive drive of the rowers.

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Paul Harvey

Paul lives in Hampshire, and his studio is set in the middle of the countryside where many of the birds he sculpts reside. The aerodynamic lines of birds are interpreted through much of his work with an art deco feel. Paul also works in bronze, these limited edition sculptures are cast by the famous Pangolin foundry.

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Julia Webster

Julia Webster creates large unique sculptures for interiors and gardens, inspired by numerous sources of form and colour in the natural world, from sea anemones to vibrant flowers. By skilfully exploiting the special light refractive qualities of glass through a mastery of mould casting, blowing and fusing she seeks to express her own ideas and imagination.