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Fire pensions reform

Firefighters' pensions will change from April 2015.

Consultation on changes to Firefighters’ pensions – closing date 4 July 2014

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) recently published a consultation on revised regulations for the Firefighters’ Pension Scheme 2015.This is the second consultation; it covers membership, benefits, finance and valuation. It also seeks views on employees’ contribution rates in the 2015 scheme.

This page is a summary of the consultation and new regulations. You can find out more by visiting the GOV.UK website.  

How to respond to the consultation

The closing date for responses is Friday 4 July 2014


Write to: Firefighters’ Pension team, Zone 5/F6, Eland House, Bressenden Place, London,SW1E 5DU


The regulations have been updated since the previous consultation, changes include:

  • membership
  • workings of the career average schemes, including pension accrual
  • early and late retirement including authority initiated retirement
  • ill-health
  • death in service
  • added pension and commutation
  • criteria for firefighters who benefit from transitional protections
  • auto-enrolment, transfers and the re-joiners policy
  • reservists
  • survivor benefits
  • pension credit members

These regulations do not cover pension boards which are being discussed with the sector, or transitional arrangements for firefighters who transfer to the 2015 schemes. There will be separate consultations for these in the next few months.

As well as the consultation, the Department is continuing to consider the impact of the reforms and the Department’s view is set out in the revised published Equality Statement. The Department will continue to consider equality issues during the consultation period, taking account of any responses on this issue.