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HPSN2 Services

Data links

High bandwidth connectivity provides dedicated 10Mbps or 100Mbps lines for rates that are typically 2/3 of the cost of current 2mb services, saving £1,000 pa for a new high speed connection. There are affordable services for smaller sites based on private broadband.

Internet Services

The HPSN2 service includes access to the internet and resilient managed firewalls. Partners and schools benefit from the economies of scale. Scalable resilient gigabit provision delivers internet to partners at costs that are typically 50% of current rates.

Voice, video and text services

HPSN2 delivers flexible modern telephone services where staff can log in to their phone anywhere. Consolidating all systems will simplify support delivering considerable savings.

Mobile Services

HPSN2 provides better value mobile services  with reduced call costs and rentals. 3G internet cards can provide connectivity for laptops or mobile devices.

Government connectivity

Hampshire is working closely with the Cabinet Office to aggregate secure connections with public service networks, including the Government Connect Secure Extranet (GCSX). This service replaces the need for partners to initiate or maintain their own individual secure access connections.

Disaster Recovery

HPSN2 provides the network for shared service and data centres in the event data centre failure or outage.

CCTV Services

The framework provides options for direct or HPSN2 based CCTV.


Your choice

Through the HPSN2 framework agreement, public sector partners can choose a cost-effective solution, ranging from an individual product to a full hosted service.

Supplier relationship

With HPSN2, partners will buy services directly from the supplier’s service catalogue, with direct pricing and clear levels of service.

All partners will benefit from economies of scale enabled by the HIOW purchasing power.