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Welcome to HSS. You are now part of what we like to call the HSS community!

We want to make your transition in to HSS as easy as possible, so we have brought together information about the key processes you may need to carry out with HSS. This includes instructions on adding new printers, buying equipment, resetting passwords, and so on. Below you can find documentation to download and print, and more in-depth information in the knowledge base.

We recommend you familiarise yourself with this material before you get started. If you have checked these pages and still can't find the answer to your query, please get in touch.


Recent HSS bulletins





Back to school. 5 September 2013

Maintenance windows during the summer. 16 July 2013

Updates to Core Applications. 10 June 2013

New AV contract with CDEC. 31 May 2013

When your school joins HSS, we can subscribe you to the HSS bulletins: regular email updates on the service. If you are not subscribed already and would like to be, please speak to your HSS account manager.


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