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Most IT hardware in your school can be covered by the Hosted School Service

At the core of HSS is our expert management of your school's hardware and software. By taking away the hassle of maintaining a complicated IT estate, we let your school concentrate on what it does best: teaching.

When your school joins HSS it benefits from Hampshire County Council's spending power: with our corporate discount you save on hardware from manufacturers such as Dell and Meru.

What hardware is covered?

PCs, laptops, notebooks

We check your computers to see if they can be upgraded to Windows 7, and then we'll upgrade or replace them as appropriate. For new equipment we supply Dell hardware, but the Hosted School Service is flexible enough to include existing hardware from other manufacturers, including Apple, that has been through our certification process.


We’ll check your printers to see if they work with Windows 7, and replace or manage them as appropriate. We will network all your printers (where possible) to obtain maximum benefit for these devices. As a general rule dedicated printers, those attached directly to the desktop and only available to that device, are not supported.

Consumables, such as toner and fuser units, are not included.

Multi-function devices (copier, printer, scanner)

The Hosted School Service allows you to use any multi-function devices you may have leased. The cost of multi-function devices on a central contract are not included. Please note that any print management solutions need to be discussed with your account manager.

Classroom whiteboards, projectors, audio-visual equipment

We will maintain this equipment in your school. If an item is under verifiable warranty then equipment can be replaced; if it's outside of warranty then we will charge for the replacement of parts.

All projectors / whiteboards / touchscreens regardless of their location in the school will be covered under the new contract for maintenance. There will also be a termly maintenance visit.

Consumables are not included.

Peripheral equipment

Other equipment, such as cameras and microscopes, can be included in HSS - however the software supplied with the peripherals must contain Windows 7 drivers.


We will replace any existing servers in school with our standard HSS servers. This is likely to reduce the total number of servers you have on site.

In a typical primary school there will be a single server; this server will be remotely managed from our data centre. In a typical secondary school there are usually multiple servers. When a secondary school moves to HSS we will normally install two new servers and a small storage area network; this provides failover capability, making it more reliable.

The servers are connected to an uninterruptable power supply, which again we can manage remotely.

Normally, we will migrate any other servers in the school (such as SIMS and Moodle) to the new servers.

Apple equipment

HSS has yet to be developed to fully integrate Apple OS X devices into the HSS environment. They will be restricted to running local applications but with access to personal and shared data storage areas within HSS. We do support iOS devices such as iPads and iPods on a reasonable endeavours basis when operating across the Meru wireless system.

How often will you upgrade my hardware?

The service runs for five years. New equipment will be purchased with a five-year warranty and so will be expected to last the life of the service. Pre-existing machines will be upgraded if possible and rebuilt as Windows 7 machines. They will then be replaced when they are five years old.

When we work out the cost of the service, we do so on a like-for-like basis: that is, replacing a laptop for a laptop and a desktop for a desktop. Of course, you can vary the numbers of machines at any time, choosing to have more notebooks and fewer desktops, for example. You have the choice of either paying for that equipment at the time you need it, or rolling it into the cost of HSS (doing so will attract an interest charge).

How will you maintain my hardware?

New equipment is bought with a five year hardware warranty, and so if you experience problems we will swap it with a working replacement. (Apple Macs are covered under an AppleCare protection plan, and the terms are slightly different.)

Hampshire IT or our approved hardware maintenance contractor will try to fix existing equipment onsite. If that proves unsuccessful, we will replace the equipment.

If equipment has to be replaced but it is outside of the original warranty (for new equipment) or support contract (for existing equipment) then there will of course be a cost to your school.